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MaxMind Improvements


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Deer IPS, @Marc Stridgen, @Lindy

I received such email from MaxMind. You may want to improve your MaxMind implementation so, according to the email suggestion:


Dear Customer,

We're contacting you to alert you to actions you can take to identify more fraud.

According to our records, you have submitted a number of transactions from IPv6 IP addresses, and our recent analysis suggests that we can identify high risk IPv6 IP addresses in more instances when merchants implement the Device Tracking Add On.

We highly recommend that you implement the Device Tracking Add On and add the associated JavaScript to pages within your purchase flow. Refer to the instructions to learn more.

If you have any questions about how to implement the Device Tracking Add On or suggestions on how we could improve the service for you, we would be happy to help! Our email is support@maxmind.com.

The Team at MaxMind


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