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Forum is slow and we get an error messages sometimes....

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The webpage at https://xxxxx.com/topic/xxxxx-xxxxxxx/page/5/#comment-xxxxxx might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

On Cloud and this is happening very often over the last few days..
Suggestions ? Solutions ?
Thank you
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Hi @Marc Stridgen so we have upgraded to the latest release. 

The  system is very slow and takes about 5 seconds sometimes longer to actually get to where i want to go .  The above message is shown every now and then and if you wait the 5 seconds it normally takes you to where its suppose to. 

That seems to be an issue and really do need help getting it resolved if possible. 

NOW what is happening is that two of my Mods (located in the UK) cant get to the site,  it shows them also the above message and even a blank screen.  He is able to gain access again and then it happends all over .  So i signed in as him (im located elsewhere) and i too get a blank screen or the "page isnt working" .

I also went to deinstall an application , got a screen saying "page isnt working" Error 500 .  According to the logs though it shows that it was deinstalled but its still in the list of applications. 

Please help .



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