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Google Maps Integration Troubleshooting

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I'm not sure if this is one Google maps integration problem with two manifestations, or two different problems. I clearly have something misconfigured  with the maps integration. All troubleshooting pointers welcome.

Symptom 1 autocomplete— autosuggest not working when adding venue locations.
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Symptom 2 event map— while event detail pages are showing the location map just fine, if I look at the world overview map that comes up after a search, the markers are there but no underlying image. Steps to recreate are:

  1. click the "Use my location" button on the Events page
  2. click Search
  3. Reload the page to display map. 

This appears on mobile, different browsers, etc. and after flushing the cache from ACP.

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I went back to step one and created a new project in Google, enabled the APIs listed in the instructions, added both public and secret API keys with the restrictions listed. The integration shows as enabled. I'm stumped as to how to best proceed troubleshooting.

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Would recommend trying this on an unmodified theme to confirm that there aren't any outdated template changes causing you issues here. Next, are there any errors in your browser console? Generally, this integration will output various errors messages there about the account with helpful documentation.

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1 minute ago, bradl said:

Enabling mapbox gives me the large map under the global markers. Yay!

Strangely, while autosuggest still does not work when entering locations, neither does it provoke a Google error. 

You would only use one or the other. Mapbox does not have address prediction.

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