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problem with strange character

Luca Barzelogna

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Yes. That looks like the database was imported(?) with the wrong charset at some point. Maybe during a server move (or simply a backup restore). I've seen it plenty of times.


If the issue affects only a few posts I suggest simply fixing the ones you come across manually. However, considering Italian uses a lot of accents (I would know being Italian myself lol), I guess the issue covers a lot of content. Unless you know how to fix it yourself you can look into hiring a developer to fix it for you.

The only way to solve it would be if you have an old backup of the correct data and it's possible to attempt to re-import it. Any edited content would be lost though. if you just overwrite the rows though. There are ways to avoid that, but it's quite a time consuming process. And if you don't have the original, non-broken data it's still possible to attempt to fix it but it requires even more time.

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