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james tonks
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Image 1 - It's only showing 4 members under the 'Leaderboard' Tab. How do I add more? 

The 'Top Members' tab I increased to 12 but I can't see any option to change the leaderboard tab


Image 2 - Popular content is showing around 50 items. How do I decrease this?





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18 hours ago, teraßyte said:

Both values are hardcoded in the php backend. You'd need a custom modification to change them.

Well, you could also edit the php file directly (as long as you're self-hosted) but you'd have to keep redoing the edit on each upgrade.

Thanks for the reply @Terabyte

To me, it makes no sense. The widget shows 5 users stats and has a click more button. But when you click more, it takes you to even less members, 4.

Would it be possible to tell me how to add more members? Thanks

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