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Please Tags already there, just want to request 2 abilities more to make it more comfortable and committed to help us to manage our forums. 

1. As option, in the Create Topic form the Tags defined for each forum should be visible, it just will clearly asking topic creator which tag they can use:

Select at least one tag 

Tag One, Tag Two, Tag 3333, tag 456789 

2. In case so many tags defined, apply an tags drawer so just click on it to select tag

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Similar the Mark topic as solved.

If that forum is set as requirements to select at least one tag and prefix, in case the topic need to be posted without tag or prefix by any reason, forgotten action or unsure which tag and prefix should be... Show Add Tag, Add Prefix, click on it to select one will be flexible and comfortable for a moderation purpose 

Then for Change of Tag and Prefix need, editing again the topic to achieve it is ok. 

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