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Is the Commerce Module Editable?

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Hello. For my Invision system, we need to install a market module that will run on our own game server. I'm considering buying Commerce instead of building it from scratch, but I'm wondering if it's possible to get it to the format we want. (We will do it by working with a developer if possible.)

What we want is, first of all, in the Commerce model, I think you click on the product you want to buy, pay for it at that moment and buy that thing. What we are thinking is, we will create a virtual value (we call it VicePoint - VP and it will be 1 Unit money = 1 VP) and define it to the accounts. REP available on Invision. like system score.

If the user wants to buy a product, he will first load credit/balance VP to his account with payment method. Afterwards, he will buy the products for which the existing VP value is sufficient. Is it possible to edit something like this in Commerce, does anyone know?

In addition, we are considering sending a gift to someone else, editing the product page view and sending this product directly from the site to the game account by linking it to the game database, but I think these will already be possible.

Thanks for the future replies.

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4 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Looking at 3rd party options to add this functionality would indeed be your only option at present

So are you suggesting to develop a 3rd party app using Commerce or directly? I think it would be healthier to set up such a structure using Commerce.

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