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Looking for personal stats plugin/app

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I am looking in the market place for a personal stats app but all stats seem to be site wide and not personal.

I would like a stats app that shows personal stats only per user. This would help them to understand their engagement with that community. What's working and what isn't. It could show which post has the most reactions, replies. Which status post has the most reactions. It could be creative and give insights regarding of an individuals personal contributions to the site. 

I don't see anything like this. Everything I am finding seems to be site wide stats.

IF it does exist I would love to have it enabled and visible only for a specific group on my site

thank you

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Firstly thank you for posting these resources but these are not what I am looking for.

The stats  shared above are to display to OTHERS how active a respective user is.

Also the stats shared above don't measure how well the content is being received by the community, IE: User engagement. It's only showing how active a particular user is.

I am looking for personal engagement stats. IE: stats that a user can see about themselves to indicate what activity is working well and what isn't. USER ENGAGEMENT stats.

For example if I make 25 posts, with some attachments... I might be interested in knowing which posts are getting the most VIEWS, LIKES etc... IE: What content have I added that is getting the community engaged?

This will let me know which of MY contributions people of the community are liking and responding well to and which contributions are not working so well.

I can then take that information and know what to post MORE of and conversely I would also know the type of stuff I should stop posting.

A user would be the only one who can see their own user engagement stats. It's not on display for all. It's "Personal"

Make sense?

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Engagement stats always compares two things to give direction. It explains momentum! 

A better way to explain it is that most stats are quantitative as opposed to qualitative. Quantitative stats answers the question “What have I done?” IE: basic stats, totals, post count, etc

But the question I want answered “How well have I done it?” Qualitative! 

Engagement stats are not about what happened, but about understating how WELL what happened is working. Are people engaging with the content I’m posting? If so, Which posts that I’ve made are gaining traction and which are being ignored? Which attachments I’ve added are getting the most views? Etc.


 Basic stats give totals but engagement stats tells a story and gives direction. Users will know what types of things to post more of and what types of things to stop posting. 


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