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New Member Group & conf_global

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I added a new Full Member group (ID 14) some time ago and restricted what new members can do, automatically advancing them to the Full Member group once certain goals are hit. Mainly a way to slow down spammer by limiting their options on joining.

I am trying to track down why my forum stalls for up to 15 and up 30 seconds on random events. Had Invision look into one obvious error. Doubled my self-hosted memory. Still getting these odd pauses, so I'm looking for configuration errors.

It seems like my troubles started when I added this new member group. I just saw that it is not in the conf_global file which has:

$INFO['banned_group']            =    '5';
$INFO['admin_group']            =    '4';
$INFO['guest_group']            =    '2';
$INFO['member_group']            =    '3';
$INFO['auth_group']            =    '1';

I assume this is normal as is the Moderator group not being here, but just checking everything that I can think of. Better to ask than assume. Thanks.

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