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Provide option to delete


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Can we enhance members tab page, so that list members can be selected ALL or Checkbox ones - to easily delete them. 

For example: Under banned members or spammers - option to select and delete the members, would be very helpful. 

Could contain: Text, Electronics


It would be nice to have some IPS 3.4.x features back!

Could contain: Text, Page, Business Card, Paper


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Way to get around this would be by doing a search for parameters in the advanced search in the top right and then clicking the "Banned" tab and then "Prune Members Found" in the blue box.

For example, if you want to delete all banned members, you will do an advanced search, insert in join date whatever parameters you wish (or all time if all) and let the system load it. Ensure you're on the banned tab then click "Prune members found"

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