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Limit guest based access to topics more than 2 weeks old

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I am considering some actions to entice people to register/subscribe etc. based on the date availability of forum content.

In a simplest terms imagine that guests will be able to see only topics and replies from up to 2 weeks ago. A large banner will inform them that if they want to access the latest content and engage with the community they need to register/become premium member, etc. 

Does this sounds like something that is easy to achieve through third party app/plugin? Tagging @DawPi as it seems that you have dived in to guest limits area, though not exactly in this respect 🙂


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1 hour ago, teraßyte said:

It can be done, but wouldn't that also cause Google to not index the content properly? 🙄

I think there is already a method for Google to bypass the restrictions, based on user agent. At least this mod have this functionality:


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That modification is a bit different. It simply limits how many pages you can view per session so it's easy to add a bypass based on UA.

Unless I remember wrong, Google states that the content they index must be what a guest would see on your site (or they penalize the site). If you add a bypass for their UA they will notice the content guests normally get is different in this specific case.

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