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Notifications setting to stop emails on likes but keep them for mentions

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Hi there,

Some of my members have been complaining recently that they are receiving emails each time someone likes a comment they made. I went into notification settings and then "mentions and my content" settings and see that I can enable for notification list/and or email notification. I cannot tell if this I enable email notification for "mentions and my content" - will a member receive an email every time they are mentioned - or does it include everytime someone likes their content or other content interactions I don't know about? Thanks, Mike Collins,

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19 minutes ago, Michael Collins said:

@opentype - thanks but I am running forum software and I see no settings for just "Reactions" inside member settings>notifications


Unfortunately, this version is out of date, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest release to receive support. Upgrading may also resolve your issue here as this may be an issue with specifically the version you're on.

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