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Storage settings for CSS and JS


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These settings are combined into one setting field.

 Theme Resource: File sytem......

CSS files, JavaScript files and images used by Themes. 

After a lot of research, I have a conclusion - if the CSS storage setting is in the main domain, and the JS storage setting is in the cookie free domain, then in this case the TBT time below 100 ms for mobile loaging is easily reduced.
Now this reduction is also possible, but sending CSS and JS to a cookie free domain increases the FCP time by more than 700 ms, which naturally worsens Web Vitals parameters.
Please consider the possibility of an additional field for separating CSS and JS in Storage settings.

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I will supplement the topic with these examples (in both examples - CSS preload is added in IncludeCSS , and the prefetch is added in IncludeJS)
1. CSS and JS are loaded from the main domain


2. CSS and JS are loaded from a cookie-free domain.


Conclusion - for optimal loading of CSS and JS for mobile it should be possible to separate the storage settings so that CSS is loaded from the main domain and JS from the cookie-free domain  (of course for sites that don't use CDN - I have not studied CDN yet and I have no information).

These changes in CSS and JS loading do not affect desktop results in similar tests.

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