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Breadcrum Navigation?

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Hello all, 👋

So far, I am loving the Invision Community forum software. It has been very simple to set up and, even though I haven't posted anything here yet, I have been browsing theses forums for help with setting up my forums and it has been great. I have a question that I could not find the answer to using the above search. I was hoping to get some insight here. 

My issue is that, I would love to have more detailed 'breadcrum navigation path'.  (I guess that's what it's called)

In other words, this is the sort of navigation path I would love for my forum to display:



However, I can be 3 subforums deep in my personal forum and it still looks like this:



NOTE: For clarity, I changed my theme back to the default Invision theme to post a picture here but currently I use this theme [ https://axendev.net/ ] 

It should also be noted that my breadcrum navigation is the same regardless of the theme I choose. It simply just displays 'Home' unless I enter a topic which then displays 'Home > Topic Title'. Is there anything I can do to make my forum display a more detailed navigation path? I am completely comfortable editing CSS and I did look through the CSS files of both the default and custom themes but I did not notice anything within those files that I could change. Of course, I certainly could have overlooked something. I also searched the marketplace for any utilities that may help but I didn't see anything.

It would really be so helpful (especially for new members) to be able to navigate from their current subforum to 2 subforums back without using the back-button all the time. 

I hope that I am making sense. I am not as seasoned as some of you so please bear with me and thank you in advance for any help. 🙂 


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I was just thinking maybe it had something to do with my forum tree but that shouldn't matter. I would think that the breadcrum navigation would still show [ Home > subforum > subforum > Topic ] but it doesn't. Either way, here is how I have my forum tree set up currently. It is a new forum so, there isn't many forums/subforums yet. 


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This appears to be related to the way in which you have it set up. It would simplify the breadcrumbs if you only have 1 forum, and the system is laying it out on the front end as if you do, which is what is giving you the listing plus subforums. 

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! I can confirm this should be further reviewed and I have logged an internal bug report for our development team to investigate and address as necessary, in a future maintenance release.


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