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Zapier Trigger/Action Pages Application

My Sharona

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My needs/desires for the purposes of this posting are in regards to the 'Pages' application.


For the, App > Invision Community "Action Event," there are three options for 'Create' with regard to the Database section of options. Those being, "Create Pages Database Record", "Create Pages Database Record Review" and/or "Create Pages Database Record Comment".

It would be nice if there was an ability to "Create an edit of a Pages Database Record". Basically amounting to an overwrite of an existing record. 


While not what I had originally hoped to be able to do with the Zapier integration, WRT the Pages application, I can make this work for what I want to do. On the off hand chance that there might be a consideration of certain other functionality, I will relay the following.

I utilize HTML within the "Page Builder: Text" block Pages application to present custom pages that are not designed to display as a posting. My want here would be an ability to create an event that edits that block's content, on said page. For an example; say, I am utilizing Google Sheets for a spreadsheet table. It would be nice to simply update the Sheet and have it automate the updating of the HTML within the "Page Builder; Text" block on said page.


Updated to make thread dedicated.


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