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Pages error and modified files

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Hey all, trying to put some info on my forum via pages and it's throwing me an error when I click on pages in ACP - error 2S100/6  the page you requested does not exist

In the ACP support section my forum has 1 critical issue - 


Modified files

Some of the source files for Invision Community have been modified.

  • /home/customer/www/**********/public_html/applications/cms/interface/external/external.php
  • /home/customer/www/**********/public_html/applications/core/sources/Reports/Rules.php

    (note - I blanked the web address to share here)

I don't know why this is showing as modified. I've downloaded the files as the ACP suggests and uploaded them but no change. I did a fresh install also but it still gives me these errors. Anyone any ideas what I can try next? Thank you 🙂

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12 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Please could you check those, as they still appear to be incorrect

I possibly put it in with a typo sorry about the hassle. I've typed it slowly and double checked so it should now be OK? If not I'll change it temporarily to something simpler in the hopes that that works 

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3 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Indeed that will be the issue. However that does mean the FTP details are unfortunately incorrect. While I can connect, it does not lead me to your site

I have FTP details for that forum in the info bit? All of the forums I have have separate FTP details 

I've just double checked the FTP details and I'm 99 percent sure they are correct 🙂

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  • Solution

Pages does not look to have installed correctly. If you do not have any data in it, you may wish to uninstall and then re-upload a full fresh set of files ensuring that they are uploaded to the correct directory on your server and install again. If you encounter the same error, please let us know.

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