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6 hours ago, kmk said:

Hello, my hosting recommend me to upgrade our Centos 6 to Almalinux, it support php 8 and MySQL 7.2 above, what do you suggest? 

CentOS 6 hasn't been supported for a long time now.


So yes you need to upgrade - And yes AlmaLinux is a perfect choice - Its my choice for the next CentOS replacement, the other one I like is Rocky Linux.



I have used Cloud Linux for many years (ok paid for, but not expensive) so my own personal recommendation for AlmaLinux is biased, have a google as there are more than these two, however these would be my go to choice.

I would also recommend a new fresh install and not an upgrade (not even sure AlmaLinux supports going from centos6)

6 hours ago, Randy Calvert said:

I honestly had never heard of Almalinux before. 

Really ? 🙄

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