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add WYSIWYG editor to edit email templates and wrappers


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It would be great to have WYSIWYG editors to edit the email templates and wrappers. Right now, it's just impossible. 

A simple thing like editing the footer of the welcome email or the confirmation email sent to new members, is just impossible unless you know a little bit of CSS/HTML.

The Commerce module has the footer/header WYSIWYG editor, that's the way it should be for all email templates. But it's not the case, unfortunately.


Editing the templates requires certain knowledge of programming. See below. Many of us ONLY wants to add a signature, that's it. I just want to add a signature to all my emails. But when I try to, I just can't because I see the editor below 😞


The solution is not something someone without any programming language can accomplish. That's why I am requesting this feature. 


Thanks a lot.

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