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Video externalization and integration within IPS


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Video (TikTok, IG, FB Reels, etc) is unquestionably increasing in popularity, and as such we're going to need world class video management and/or integration for our IPS based sites to evolve with the trends.

I believe one massively valuable IPS enhancement would be direct video platform (YouTube/Vimeo/TikTok/IG/etc) integration via the CKE Editor and upload directly to the video platform then auto-embed the video in the target topic.  I know it's not as simple as an image upload (synchronously) given video size and requires some asynchronous orchestration and updating of the topic post upload, but it's worth the stretch given the trends and would set IPS aside from any other site/community platform that lacks it.  Factor in shear cost savings offloading video storage to an external site and not eating your hosting cost (whether IPS cloud or self hosted) to store large video files and its a massive win all around.  JMHO, but it's the trend IPS needs to gain awareness in, look at Facebook, they just committed majorly to Reels and abandoned a lot of other project funding to do so.

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