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Custom URL for Topics. Shorter URLs tend to rank better


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When we create a topic, the URL is created from the title of the topic. In the case of a long topic title name, it would be useful to have the option to manually change the URL, as it is for example in WordPress.


Why?  According to Backlinko, "Shorter URLs tend to rank better than long URLs." To prove this, they performed some extensive testing on one million Google search results.

Here’s a graph that shows how Google rankings decline as URL length gets longer.


It’s pretty cut and dry. Notice how the number one position has URLs with roughly 50 characters.

But once you move down to the number 10 spot, the average URL has 62 characters.

So somewhere around 50 – 60 characters is a pretty good number to shoot for.

If you go way beyond (say 80+ characters), this is likely to have a negative impact on your ranking.

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I did some tests and changed the URL via the database and didn't notice any problems, so I think I will be able to create a plugin through which I can change the URL 😉

Article on Backlinko: 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List (2022)

  • URL length is listed as #46 in Google’s top 200 ranking factors
  • URL path is listed as #47
  • Keyword in the URL is #51
  • URL string is #52
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