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Renewal of License

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Hi all,

First and foremost, I hope this is the right spot to post this question. Currently I am a self-hosted expired license holder of a IPS Community Suite with the forums. Looking at renewing the license and see the renewal spot that shows "1 x Renew: IPS Community Suite" and it comes out to $100 for the 6-month renewal. However, when I go to the main site (outside of Client Area) and look at a new license cost I see that the Suite Core is listed as $100 with Free renewals and adding the forums brings it to $250 with $40 6-month renewals. Why would the cost of my Client Area renewal be $100 while a new license renewal would be $40? Asking because if it's a new renewal rate then I may just spend the $250 for a new license and lock in the $40 renewal which would save me money within 5 renewals anyways ($450 for new license and 5 renewals vs $500 for renewing existing license 5 times).

Thanks, Jacob.

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1 minute ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Post in the following location instead - that's the official support location:


You've posted in community support and may or may not be seen by IPS staff in a prompt manner.

I was going to, but doesn't look like I have new topic privilege in that section due to expired license (I suspect).

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20 minutes ago, Jim M said:

$100 for a renewal would be correct as you own multiple applications on your license:

  • Forums: $40
  • Gallery: $15
  • Commerce: $45

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Ok, makes sense! I didn't realize I had all of those applications. Thank you for clarifying it for me!

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