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I just created a Donation Goal with the Donation tool inside Invision Community (no external plugin).

In the first step of the checkout, as information, it's only asked the phone number.

How can I change that ? and replace by an email address and/or name ?

Many thanks in advance,


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In the following location, you will see a "Require customer's real name and Billing Address" setting you can select for donations. In a lot of cases it's a good idea to have this set up in any case, as some methods of payment will not be allowed to be used without it.



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8 minutes ago, kenneth andrew said:

Hi Guys, I have donation set up but was wondering if there is a way to display who has made the donation? There does not seem to be any options to let forum members see who has made a donation, I can only see this in the AdminCP

There is not currently in the default software. You can certainly provide this as a suggestion in our feature suggestion forum. 

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