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  1. OK thanks @InvisionHQ I'll let the customer know 👍
  2. Hi Guys, InvisionHQ seems to be very busy. For the last six weeks I have been trying to find out if adverts can be added to classifieds using an Android phone? It does not seem a complicated question compared to other questions being asked here and replied to. Does anybody know if this is possible? My customer has been patiently waiting for over six weeks for an answer which makes me look as if I don't give a damn, when in fact I have been constantly trying to resolve the issue. Thanks Kenny
  3. Hi @InvisionHQI replied to you over 2 weeks ago could you check your in box please Thanks Kenny
  4. Hi Invision HQ, could you check your PM please I answered your question three weeks ago Thanks Kenny
  5. Hi there, my first member has paid to become a gold member so he can post adverts but it does not seem to be working , he is using a mobile phone, how do we fix this. I am on 4.5 and classifieds is up to date. Invision support say it is a classifieds issue. I have previously sent you my details via PM so you can access the ACP regarding the last issue but have never got a reply. Thanks Kenny here is the message he just sent So it pans out like this. I complete the advert filling in all the required fields. I submit it and nothing at all happens. If I click on my adv
  6. Hi Adriano, I have checked the Moderator CP for hidden/ unapproved questions all show "There's nothing here yet" Hope this helps Kenny
  7. Hi Adriano, No I don't use the settings to hide completed / expired adverts, I can't actually remember any questions ever being asked. We only have 8 active adverts and 13 completed adverts. Here is our forum https://www.treasurebunker.com/forums/ Thanks Kenny
  8. Hi there, on my classifieds page under CLASSIFIEDS STATISTICS it shows I have 6 questions, however when I look at all the adverts there are no questions showing? I have updated to the latest version but still it shows 6 questions but I still see none? Thanks Kenny
  9. Hi Terry we just upgraded to the new version of IPS forum today and the theme looks a bit odd now, will you be updating the theme to fix this?

    thanks Kenny 

    1. kenneth andrew

      kenneth andrew

      forgot to say it's the Black Chrome theme,

      Thanks Kenny 

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