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iOS broken images

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Hello. I would appreciate if someone can help me fix this. Some of my members mentioned that on mobile interface sometimes they see image urls instead of the actual images being embedded within the post. Please see the attached screenshot and this example url https://www.enotalone.com/topic/382979-what-is-the-weather-right-now-in-your-citytownvillage-part-2/page/29/

So on desktop, android everything works perfectly fine and fails on chrome, safari in iOS.

I suspect this might be due to wrong Cloudflare configuration. If so can someone tell me what feature, setting in Cloudflare causes this?

Thank you.



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Randy, it is not about a single device or user but happening on ios chrome/safari.

Jim, I will do that as a last resort as those are some major changes.

Does any know a specific setting in Cloudflare that would cause such behavior?

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Jim M
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Actually I just looked at the page source...  the broken image on that page is because of a 404.


it looks to be a problem with mod_pagespeed.  This is a 3rd party server module outside of the IPS software.  You would need to either disable mod_pagespeed or work with your host to troubleshoot it.  

mod_pagespeed serves different content to different browsers.  This is why it's not happening across the board.  I confirmed it's happening on not just iOS, but also on Safari on my MacBook Pro laptop.  It appears to only be serving that version of the image to ANY Safari browser as it did not occur on Chrome.  

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