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Can't locate moderation in ACP since upgrade

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This most recent upgrade has done something with where the moderation controls live in the ACP. I can't locate them and neither can my senior volunteer staff. We have been all through ACP and all that seems to remain are the spots where you can identify for the user how they get notified that they are having posts approved when they are on moderation. I'm talking about the check boxes for whether they get an email or a PM. I can still control whether or not they have status updates I can still control whether or not they have access to their PM box. But I do not have any thing that allows me to put them on forum posting moderation. Where did it go?

It's possible that this disappeared in the most immediate update and we just didn't notice because it's been since May that we had to put anybody on moderation. It's just that we have two members right now that we need to put on moderation, one of whom joined on Sunday and by noon on Monday they'd made 100 posts and they were in a binge and we needed to put them on some moderation to help tone it down.

Any ideas guidance or suggestion would be helpful because I feel like I have entered bizarro world.


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