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Error in your SQL syntax

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Have error for MySQL select:

$select = \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'news_artcms_news', array('categorynum LIKE ?','%main%'), 'news_artcms_news.num DESC', array( 0, 12 ) );
$results = \IPS\Db::i()->query($select);

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '? ORDER BY news_artcms_news.num DESC LIMIT 0,12' at line 1

Where is my mistake?

I try to change problems code: 

array('categorynum LIKE ?','%main%')


array('categorynum = ?','main')

but error dont fixed....

categorynum is text field

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Try using the like() method instead. Also, you do not need to pass your query to query() - simply convert $select to an array using the iterator_to_array() function.

$select = \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'news_artcms_news', array( \IPS\Db::i()->like( 'categorynum', 'main', TRUE, TRUE ) ), 'news_artcms_news.num DESC', array( 0, 12 ) );
$results = iterator_to_array($select);


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