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  1. Thanks. all Ok now. Is it possible to add "AND" rules in WHERE to make second select option?
  2. Have error for MySQL select: $select = \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'news_artcms_news', array('categorynum LIKE ?','%main%'), 'news_artcms_news.num DESC', array( 0, 12 ) ); $results = \IPS\Db::i()->query($select); Where is my mistake? I try to change problems code: array('categorynum LIKE ?','%main%') to array('categorynum = ?','main') but error dont fixed.... categorynum is text field
  3. Thanks I have to make sidebartemplate.phtml in html folder and it will be work?
  4. Fillow manual I can sent variables only to first column in template. \IPS\Output::i()->output = \IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'app1', 'app1_module', 'front' )->newslist($title, (array) $variables); Is it possible to send it to second column? Regards,
  5. I make application and have to use html tags <p></p> in variables. $text = "<p>some text</p><p>second paragraph text</p>"; But IPS auto convert it to symbols: &lt;p&gt; I try to fix it in template: {{$text = htmlspecialchars_decode($text, ENT_NOQUOTES);}} But htmlspecialchars_decode dont change variable. Is it possible to send formatted text as clear html to template?
  6. Have error in this script in Application system. I have 2 records in array if have record in table news_upload. $select = \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'news_news', NULL, 'news_artcms_news.num DESC', array( 0, 25 ) ); $select = $select->join( 'news_uploads', 'news_uploads.recordNum=news_news.num', 'LEFT' ); $results = \IPS\Db::i()->query($select); Where is my mistake? Next code work Ok in block system. $select = $connection->select( '*', 'news_news', NULL, 'news_news.num DESC', array( 0, 25 ) ); $select = $select->forceIndex( 'num' ); $select = $select->setKeyField( 'num' ); $select = $select->join( 'news_uploads', 'news_uploads.recordNum=news_news.num', 'LEFT' ); $results = \count($select); But in application system I have error for forceIndex() and setKeyField. Think what problem because tables have field 'num', and select get this from second table, but I have to get it from first.... Possible using distinct can decide this task, but can not find sintax.
  7. Yes. Made app follow manual. But can not find how make furl.json for custom application.
  8. Have problems with application breadcrumb url. I made seo-link in admin panel for application coins: https://bullion.ru/coins , but breadcrumb not changed and showed full link https://bullion.ru/index.php?app=coins&module=coin&controller=coin Is it possible to fix it?
  9. Blocks is flexible. You can use it for news block: bullion.ru/news/ Made url link with n=xxx, because its 15 years old :)
  10. Is it possible to add Clubs records to forum pages (as standard block, same as New themes, last commentaries)?
  11. I have to use clubs name as subdomain. Politics.website, Comp.website etc, same as livejournal.
  12. Is it possible to set up server and soft to move Clubs to subdomain or any domain?
  13. Sorry, not well speak English. I’m looking Calendar form for selecting news from database by months and years. I made same for one form, but for this situation I used php block and have not possibility to add content from php block to forum searching system. http://bullion.ru/prices/fixes/ On this page I can select month and year and get results. I looking on IPS Calendar and thinking can I use it to select dates interval.
  14. Yes. I know this, searching easy form for result Page, same as Calendar, for select news from database.
  15. Is it possible to use standard forum Calendar form for development pages? I have to use months and years selection for database records.
  16. Is it possible? I need blogs.mysite.com or better customernameblog.mysite.com
  17. Hello Need a share options fot gallery photo, as it was in IPB 3.x versions, BB-code and url. How to add it?
  18. This post only for test. word: золото Finding Ok from standard search Searching error from reach search form
  19. I'm not sure... Try to look at conf_global.php. Is All Ok on it? <?php ini_set('display_errors', 0); $INFO['use_friendly_urls'] = '1'; $INFO['sql_driver'] = 'mysql'; $INFO['sql_host'] = 'localhost'; $INFO['sql_database'] = 'base'; $INFO['sql_user'] = 'base_user'; $INFO['sql_pass'] = 'bestpassword'; $INFO['sql_tbl_prefix'] = 'ibf_'; $INFO['sql_debug'] = '1'; $INFO['board_start'] = '11111111111111111';#not sure $INFO['installed'] = '1'; $INFO['php_ext'] = 'php'; $INFO['safe_mode'] = '0'; $INFO['board_url'] = 'http://bullion.ru/forum'; $INFO['banned_group'] = '5'; $INFO['admin_group'] = '4'; $INFO['guest_group'] = '2'; $INFO['member_group'] = '3'; $INFO['auth_group'] = '1'; $INFO['mysql_tbl_type'] = 'InnoDB'; $INFO['sql_charset'] = 'utf8'; $INFO['disable_js_injection'] = 1; ?> This question need detailed investigation Try to look at table ibf_conf_settings You need to check conf_default field
  20. Usually it MySQL error. Check what server work. service mysqld restart or same. After fresh install or update your hosting usually have not forces to save work Also check disk for free space. AdminCP don't working too... Look error.log in your server for details.
  21. Add code to advertise place and KGB will see you. You don't need to place code in header. Better get page for visitor first. Also you can add code to templates... but you have nightmares after any update.
  22. When I add images in post and after add next post and try to edit second post.. I have attachments from previous post. What is it? How to fix?
  23. Fatal error: Cannot use object of type IPS\\Request as array
  24. header('Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8'); include(dirname($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'configlin.php'); error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE | E_NOTICE); include($path_www2 . 'forum/sphinxapi.php'); define( 'IPB_THIS_SCRIPT', 'public' ); define( 'IPS_ENFORCE_ACCESS', TRUE ); // Приложение работает при отключенном форуме require_once( $path_to_ipb . 'init.php' ); //require_once( IPS_ROOT_PATH . 'sources/base/ipsRegistry.php' ); //require_once( IPS_ROOT_PATH . 'sources/base/ipsController.php' ); //$ipbRegistry = ipsRegistry::instance(); //$ipbRegistry->init(); //$memberData = &$ipbRegistry->member()->fetchMemberData(); $search_term = ""; $page = 1; $text_out = ""; //$request =& $ipbRegistry->fetchRequest(); $request = \IPS\Request::i()->var; print "<pre>"; print_r ($request); ......Its changed code from 3.4 version, but don't work.
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