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Upload file to Invision for an iFrame

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Is there a way to upload a file onto my Invision site so that I can create a custom block that uses it?


I want to have an Articulate 360 Storyline on our site. I think the link below says that I could use an iFrame (in a custom block) to do this, but I need to host the Articulate files on Invision. 



Is it possible to upload files to Invision so that my iFrame could access them?





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13 minutes ago, Sonya* said:

You can create a page without HTML wrapper and paste the raw html content of the iframe into this page. 


Then use iframe to load this page.

Thanks Sonya, thank is helpful as I didn't know that. However the thing I'm uploading isn't just raw HTML. It requires (I think) some files to be stored on my Invision site for the HTML code to access. Is it possible to upload the files to Invision so the HTML can access the file?

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17 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

You can use the media manager to upload custom files 


Hi Daniel, what if the content isn't media?


To be honest I think I may be pushing things too far and Invision may not be able to do this natively, i.e. maybe I need to host this outside of Invision and use the iFrame.

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