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Bring Member Titles Back

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I know a lot of people are not happy with this update as member titles have been removed with the most recent update and I am not happy with this either. With member titles, the titles used to display on the staff directory on communities and also on their profiles above their avatars on posts, however after talking to invision support, the only way to get these features back are to create custom profile fields for member titles and add people individually to the staff directory with custom titles as well. This is very inconvenient from what was done before. 

Now for my admins to add people to the staff directory and give them a member title for their ranks on posts, they have to add them to their specific group, then change the custom made member title, then add them manually to the staff directory and give them another title that displays on the staff directory. Before, we used to just add the group to the staff directory and then just change their member title. Then they used to display on posts and the directory automatically. Now it just creates a hassle and is very inconvenient to use. Please bring member titles back, it was a great feature to have and overall made the chain of command and structures for my staff and admins very easy to see for new people visiting my site. I want to know what the rest of the clients think because from what I have read previously I am not the only person that feels this way.

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Yeah this is bad, very bad, Devs what were you thinking. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I chose not to activate the new achievement system which kept my member titles but moved them into profile field.

Now ok, that wouldn't be a major issue, but you have to give the profile field a title, that title then shows on the front end before the member title.

Had to disable them, but tomorrow morning when they start rolling in online I can see some major moaning taking place.

Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 02.14.31.png

Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 02.16.54.png

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8 hours ago, Afrodude said:


By the end "Field Settings" there is "Display format for topics" pick custom and add this code



If you don't want space between the member's name and this custom field just use 



Am I being dumb here, not seeing where that is?


Ok, weirdly if I create a new profile field I can choose the formatting, but just not in the member titles which were converted across into member titles.




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