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Function libxml_disable_entity_loader() is deprecated

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IPS 4.6.0

trying to download a plugin in my dev localhost on ips 4.6.0 and im getting this error 


it happens if i try to download any plugin and i have refreshed all the ips files including developer tools 

any idea? all my plugins work fine it just cant be downloaded anymore in acp

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49 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

@TAMAN, how did you fix it? Having same issue. Using PHP 8.0.7. That's the versions I have:


PHP 8 requires Apache 2.4.x.

Apache Version: 2.4.48

PHP Version: 7.3.1

MariaDB Version: 10.3.12


I didnt fix shait i was unaware i switched back to php 7.3.1 which has no problem downloading plugin lol

i do not get the error on php 7.3.1 but 8.0.7

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@Stuart Silvester or @Ryan Ashbrook, is that right? IPS 4.6 uses it and we can't build resources:


I'm switching to 7.4.9, building the app and then going back to 8.0.7 to test the resource.

PHP site:


This function has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 8.0.0. Relying on this function is highly discouraged.


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