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Wikipedia like popup functionality

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I have an idea that might be a great addition to the marketplace.

it would be nice if you could reference a particular, book, movie, album or game within a forum topic posting.

The example below is for a book but the idea could be expanded for movies, music and games as well.

For example if a forum poster wrote the following sentence below and embedded a book title "Battle of Hastings". 

In Battle of Hastings, the author states on page 22, "This battle is the most defining event in English History".  Anyone reading the forum posting later hovers their mouse pointer over the underlined book title and a popup dialog box appears with more information about the book.


When done reviewing the book they exit the dialog box and return back to the forum posting.

The reader can better determine how reliable the quoted text is based on reader reviews on Amazon.  Another example might be to embed a book as part of a book review introduction and subsequent community discussion.

This idea is inspired by Wikimedia.  


 I'm thinking that the forum poster would click on the "new" book icon in the toolbar as shown above. Permissions should be provided in the ACP for which groups can view the "Add Book" icon in the editor toolbar.  If the idea was expanded upon an entirely different icon could be created instead or some other means of calling the program.

A book choosing dialog box would appear.  After the appropriate book is chosen an Amazon Affiliate code is entered in a field that is made visible only if user is in the appropriate user group defined in the ACP. If an affiliate code is not entered the system defaults to the affiliate code provided in the ACP.

This idea might be expanded to provide one dialog box to choose between an Album, Movie, Game, or Book or be able to type text into a dialog box and embed a photo. If you mouse around an Wikipedia article and see the variety of different popup types you should readily see what I'm talking about.  I could of swore that Wikipedia made the popup code available to the public but I'm not sure where I saw that.  

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