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29 minutes ago, OptimusBain said:

I am interested in this application. Is there a demo somewhere? I would love to see how it looks like on a live site. Is it installed somewhere? Thanks

I do not have a live demo of it yet, but you can view it at my test forum. I have sent you the info in private.

16 minutes ago, Dean_ said:

Me too, I was thinking maybe a starter area for new sign-ups, or a guides section?

I can also send you the info in private if you want to take a look at it. Please let me know.

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1 hour ago, PPlanet said:

Any plans in the future for adding subcategories? With them it may help to reduce the number of forums and subforums that some of us have. Just thinking aloud though. 😊

There were no plans for subcategories, but I have made a note of it now for future releases.

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