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Editing CKEditor config file - need help


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Hi, I wanted to add headings to my board. Managed to add plugin to CKEditor (https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/format).

Problem is with configuration. I added according to documentation (https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor4/latest/api/CKEDITOR_config.html#cfg-format_tags) line in CKEditor config.js but it doesn't seem to work. 

It still shows all headings (h1, pre, div, h5,h6 etc). 

I think it might be some programming issue on my end, wrong implementation etc. Can someone help me with this code? Thanks! 

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You have your configuration element outside the editorConfig function.

Do this instead...







Then you get in to the fun and games of ensuring that your browser pulls down the updated file...Chrome responds nicely to a Ctrl+F5 (screenshot below is Chrome) but Firefox is a bit of a b***h in this area. Google is going to be your friend there.

Note: this file isn't served from IPS's cached data so running the support ool in the ACP to force a refresh is a fruitless task.


Note: this file may or may not be overwritten with IPS upgrades, by the way. Possible that a reset of the editor configuration might even reset it - not sure, not tested.

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