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Change selection, change those that selected it


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So in Pages you can change a selection field from something like one to first but the options that had originally chosen one do not get changed to first and they are lost to the oblivion of time and space.

It would be nice to have the option that if you change the key that it updates the correlating database entries with the new key.

Trivial? Maybe.

But it would make it easier for those of use that have rather expanding and contracting databases to be able to manage it more smoothly

This would go for deleting keys etc.

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So if I have a select field with multiple selections (or even just one) we'll say:





Eventually I decide "Movie" isn't the right category I want to change the option to "Movie Blockbuster" and "Movie Indie" well my key currently is movie and if I change the key to "movie_blockbuster" everyone that had the key "Movie" still have that key instead of the newly updated key of "movie_blockbuster". Yes I know I could just change the name and add the second one but a change to any key is never reflected in the listings themselves and so it could mean that you have to go through and edit tons of listings to get the correct key on them. It also means that if you remove a key that listings that had those keys still have them even though its no longer an option for that field.

What I'm asking for is that if you change keys that it should update said key in the array whether that is to change it to a new key or to delete it as it no longer exists.

Is that better @Matt

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