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I'm having a lot of difficulty understanding how this works.

I don't understand if there is any direct (hard coded) or functional/organizational/practical relationship between IPS blog "categories", and your "collections". From what I can see they are 100% independent and unrelated. Can you comment on this?

I don't understand how one assigns individual blogs to your "collections" or if that's not even the right line of thinking I create several collections (like food, travel, etc.) but it seems that every collection shows all blogs.

Do users assign themselves to a certain collection? (like they do with IPS blog categories) Or is this done from AdminCP? Or, is this not done at all and I'm fundamentally misunderstanding things with this plugin.

I'm learning towards a complete fundamental misunderstanding at this point on my part....

Fundamentally, I don't understand the use case (let alone "how-to", but let's start with the use case) of having blog "entries" or "comments" as part of specific collections. Wouldn't one generally want to have entires, and comments, wholly tied and associated with a given blog (or groups of related blogs) as opposed to have entires or comments grouped together across differing blogs?

I know these are all fundamental questions, and if you want to use your demo site as an example to explain the "logic" behind things and make clear how the IPS categories versus your plugin collections interrelate, that might be really helpful hearing you explain things with your demo site in specific terms of IPS blog functionality versus what yours adds or the different approach it takes.

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