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  1. Hi, Yes sure. if there is a built-in function in the IPS for this.
  2. @AlphaWulfx Follow-ups revealed that the problem was with another 3rd party widget from another developer.
  3. @AlphaWulfx Please send website information and access to see what the problem is
  4. Hi @kmk that's good idea, I'll work on it thanks.
  5. What's New in Version 1.1.0 Specify members so that widgets are displayed only to those members
  6. I'm going to use the translatable helper for text and editor in Theme custom setting. how can I do it?
  7. in fact, for the new version , we have only built all apps with the new version of the IPS core (4.6), and we have not changed anything at all. most likely this issue is related to the cache system and It will be fixed by clearing the cache or over time set for the cache system ( in your case 10 mins or less). be sure that we have not added or removed any new sections.
  8. please use this topic for Hotspot image app
  9. yes , sure how can I help you?
  10. No. Unfortunately it is not possible to add the HOTSPOT IMAGE to topics.
  11. @SergeFr please share some screenshots from your problems and if you have any problem with the HOTSPOT IMAGE , please use this topic thanks
  12. @SergeFr Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Is the issue resolved or do you still need help?
  13. hi, Unfortunately , I'm affected by Covid-19 and I will get you back till next week.
  14. @kmk Fixed and uploaded! thanks for reporting the issue.
  15. Hi @James101 fixed and uploaded. is pending approval.
  16. I know exactly how to use this class. My question is whether it is possible to use this class in the forms that we create for users or not? For example, suppose I want to allow users to register product categories. how Can I use this class in this case?
  17. Hi, Thanks for the important point you mentioned. I will definitely fix it soon and let you know. @James101 Could you send a screenshot of the product detail and the wishlist items please?!
  18. @christopher-w Thanks for your report This plugin works properly and the problem you mentioned is due to the limitations of my host [too many requests] and has nothing to do with the functionality of the plugin.
  19. This plugin adds the Wishlist feature to the Commerce app. Please use this topic for support request or suggest new ideas.
  20. Version 1.0.2


    This plugin adds the Wishlist feature to the Commerce app and has the following features: Add and remove the Wishlist items as Ajax Use the default color Change the color of the Add to Wishlist button Change the color of the Remove from Wishlist button Enable / Disable the Wishlist Icon Enable / Disable the Wishlist Text Save wishlist items for members and guests Move the guest user wishlist to the corresponding table after login DEMO
  21. Hi, Thanks for your comment. let's say this app is useful for now 😊, but it'll definitely get better with these features. take a look at this please I'll add ability to show the hotspots as a slideshow, I'm not sure about this one but I'll consider.
  22. What's New in Version 1.0.2 Fix the problem of displaying some widgets in specific URLs by disabling the cache. Note that some widgets use the cache system. In this case, you must disable the cache with this option to access the current URL. Enabling this option may reduce performance on large boards. Use this option when your widget does not work properly in the settings you specify.
  23. I want to use Node(Tree) at the front-end so that a specific user group can add and edit nodes, sub-nodes. how can I do it ? is there any helper ?
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