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Does 2checkout support subscriptions like PayPal Pro does?


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2Checkout is also an American processor. I think Stripe would be the most International you could get with the built-in support since they have a dual HQ in both Dublin, Ireland (originally an Irish company) and San Francisco.

There are however 3rd party payment gateways available in the Marketplace, many of these add support for processors based in other countries.


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13 hours ago, Stuart Silvester said:

Our 2CO implementation doesn't support recurring billing like that, but our Stripe implementation does (Stripe is far more popular with our customer base too).

It's only a matter of time before Silicon Valley realizes they can simply shut down all Internet commerce that isn't through Amazon, Google, Apple, or Facebook, and force all online sales to go straight into their own pocketbooks. It would be foolish not to have a payment processor in place based outside the U.S. in preparation for this possibility, maybe in Asia somewhere.

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