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Did something change on posting link?


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Hi @bfarber,

Ok I figured it out; looks like normal (clean URL no widgets) links from my website is working but if i add a widget (topic widget or promoted links widget) system is forcing to open a new window????

Is this the way this works, widgets are not included to NOT forcing part????

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9 hours ago, bfarber said:

That link is opening in a new tab for me

So you are saying that even topic is from your forum, it opens a new tab, it does not follow the single URL function (not open a new tab)

What Morrigan says it is true, if you post a topic link always open a new tab, but if you post a clean link from URL other part of your website, it won't open new tab.... 

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On 12/16/2020 at 6:52 PM, Morrigan said:

No. The embeds ALWAYS have opened (no matter the link) in a new window.

Sorry I meant new window NOT Tab...

I think I got confused about new tab and new window

What I am saying: I thought all links does not matter widget or not from your site won't open a new window nor tab????

But that's NOT true... Some widgets open new tab or window...!!


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The embeds ALWAYS open in a new tab/window (no matter if its internal or external):

This is an embed. It will open in a new tab!

However. New Windows is normally a behavior of the browser, not the link or if you're hold "shift" when you click on a link.

Beyond that we would need to see the site. The behavior hasn't changed from my side.

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