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[PAID] Custom Referral App (in a rush)

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Im looking for an Referral app, and if possible i want some changes on it. Ofcourse i will pay for them. I've looked at Foster's application and he has most features already. But seems to be inactive at this moment. So im wondering if someone can write me an referral app. (based on Foster's or someone else's app ?)

Aditional features: 

- People will have unique referral codes ( example: [X831zweIEr8343] ) displayed in their user profile area. (see the picture)
Those referral codes can be filled into the referral area on register instead of an username of the user that referred you..

- Possible rewards should be:
-> Rank upgrade for a limited amount of time
-> Rank upgrade fo unlimited amount of time
-> Advertisement spot reward

-> Every referrer you give, you get a X amount of reputation points.

>So .. Admin+ can set a reard for 10 referrals to give an rank for 10 days (as an example), after those 10 days the rank will be reverted to the normal rank.

- There should be a "roadplan" kinda thingy where people can see the amount of referrals they got and the rewards they are working to or already claimed. (like the picture below) Other users should also be able to see the progress an user made so far. But ofcourse can't claim their reward. 
- The rewards can be "claimed" on the same page as the "roadplan" page. So the account owner can claim the reward whenever they want.
I want the "progress bar" to be an combination of the 1st and 2nd picture. I like the 1st one because of the looks and the 2nd one because of the text area attached to it.

PM me if you can do this and mention your price. 

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