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MariaDB 10.5

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Please keep in mind that MariaDB 10.4/10.5, are not drop-in backwards compatible so choosing any of these would/may be one way upgrade/switches.

Also many users report performance issues (most querying big tables) for the 10.4 that i didn't test yet at 10.5 as it is a bit early for me to do that jump....

A temporary solution for that is to use this parameter at your my.cnf file:


Enjoy ! 🙂

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For the record I'm hired to manage servers with up to 16 million posts on servers running MariaDB 10.5 with no performance issues, so I would take anecdotal performance concerns with a grain of salt unless there's documented issues that can be reproduced. Otherwise it's generally safe to assume the latest compatible build is the best to be using.

I assume you're referring to MDEV-20519 though, which impacted all releases prior to 10.5 up to a certain maintenance build and is, again, why you should always keep updated,

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