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Mobile APP and a very old bug with Pages


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I had forgotten about this bug in APP Pages - even I don't remember in which version of IPS I had reported it. But I remember  @Matt solved it then. And now I don't have this bug on my site. But I noticed that in mobile APP - this bug exists.
When Date is used in the title, it is displayed as a decimal number - only in mobile APP. When you click on the link - "You do not have permission for this".

In a live site everything is OK.  See screenshot


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7 minutes ago, breatheheavy said:

AHHH how interesting. I am testing the Timeline app and instead of showing the date, it shows this long number. And I had no idea what I was doing wrong or how to fix this. So, this is a bug eh?

1556002800 instead of the date. 


This is a very old bug - it existed in a much older version of IPS and then this bug was fixed
Strange why it reappeared in mobile APP ...

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