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7 minutes ago, Joy Rex said:

Any reason you couldn't incorporate the site name into the logo? I get what you're asking, but that's an easy workaround.

To save me from having to continually customise my theme just to display a logo and title everytime I create a new theme.

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Don't you mean "customize my logo"?

Have you considered creating a logo that would work on any theme (e.g., a treatment of your logo that generally works against both light and dark themes)?

The biggest issue with what you're asking is lining up (presumably) HTML text with a graphic - maybe what they should do (or an addon creator) is create an editable area (using the CKEditor) for the logo, and that way people can use the controls in the editor to position their logo graphic (if they have one) and/or text of the site name (possibly as a variable so it changes as the site name changes).

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17 hours ago, TDBF said:

Is there any chance you could change the behaviour to allow the Logo and Site Title to be dispalyed together, rather than one or the other as the way it is now.

Considering that a logo usually include the name (otherwise it is usually considered an Icon) I don't think that is something that will be useful for most users unfortunately.

Perhaps someone could create a mod for it instead? I am sure you are not the only one with this need, even if most may not have it.


...also, let me know if you need a hand making a new logo that include the name if that would help.


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