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How do I delete an announcement?

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Just now, opentype said:

Yeah, it is unexpected that in only exists in the ModCP. I knew it because that is the ONLY reason I ever use the ModCP. 😉 


In all my time running forums since 2004 that was the first time I ever visited the ModCP 

I knew it existed but never needed to go there until today!

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Wow!  Thanks to this post, I just discovered Announcements!  Like you guys said, I rarely use the ModCP, but there is some useful stuff in there.  I need to make a habit of using it!

I'd also love to see a few upgrades to Announcements...

1. Ability to change the Font Awesome Icon
2. Use the Font Awesome Icon on the floating bar and content bar.  Side bar announcement looks GREAT!
3. Add title formatting (might be able to use HTML, I didn't try yet.

But yeah, I am diggin' it!  One less application to maintain!

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