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Anyone familiar with "Videos" plugin from DevFuse?

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I purchased it and installed it, but have no idea how to actually use it on my site (I'm a hopeless newbie when it comes to forum development).  I've reached out to the company twice via their online contact form and have received no response.  Their web forum is strange, they have a tutorials section but when I click the threads there seems to be no content, and there seems to be no way to post (I've registered).

It's bizarre, like I've purchased a product from a company that doesn't seem to actually exist.

If anyone knows how to use the plugin, please let me know.  Do I create a new page on my site for it?  Is there a way to highlight some of the videos on my main page?

This is my site: https://www.recruitinginfo.com/

I'm working on a number of videos (interviews with sports program administrators across the country) that I'm hoping to post soon.

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I purchased it in the MP.  There were instructions for installing the software which I did.  But there were no instructions as to what to do next.

Part if the issue is my own general cluelessness... not knowing what to do with a plug-in once it is installed.  But the lack of responsiveness from the company is really weird.  I even posted to the company Facebook page and got no response.  It’s like the lights are on but nobody is home.

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