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Voice Message solution


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    • By kmk
      Just want to leave this request, please remember add voice ability to let us enhance and enrich our community communication... Today we don't have to limit us only as typing forum 
    • By Franck
      I have this error message when I put an internal link on a post.
      can you solve this problem for me?
      Thank you.
      You don't have permission to access this resource.
      Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    • By Chris Anderson
      In the post:
      This kind of forum posting doesn't merit marking as a solution as it won't be SOLVED until you roll out a bugfix in an upcoming maintenance release or via an ACP hotfix.  If someone is scanning the forums and sees that it has been solved, they might assume the problem has already been fixed in a prior release or is related to just one site.
      There should be some other way of acknowledging that an issue has been properly identified and a request to the developers has been made to create a bugfix. 
      Maybe you could mark this kind of post with a bugfix pending tag: "bugfix-4.6.7", "bugfix-4.6.x" (Just a conceptual idea to illustrate my point)
      if it might end up being fixed a little farther down the line. If it will be fixed via an APC hotfix then you could create a tag: acp-hotfix which would alert folks that it will arrive sometime before the next dot release.
      This would help manage customer expectations for those reporting the issue and others that may be impacted by the bug and search the forums to determine if it has been reported and what the resolution might be. If a customer searched for these various tags, they could readily determine which issues were fixed in a prior release or will be released via an ACP hotfix or next set of dot releases.
      This would help uncover potential problems a particular release might be experiencing and when to expect their resolution with less back and forth between members and the support team. Often times we setup a certain functionality like PayPal and assume everything is working as expected.  We might not become aware of a problem until we get reports from angry members wondering why their transactions are wonky.  The sooner we have a heads up of the potential for such an occurrence the sooner we could scramble to see if there might be work arounds we could put into place while waiting on a fix to be rolled out.
      If members here were to add an +1 to a posting if they are experiencing the same thing then it would give IPS and others a heads up that the reported problem isn't occurring on just one site.
    • By johnhatcher
      I have a mod who gets this error every time he tries to create a private message to another user.  What can I do to fix this?
      Oddly, he can receive messages and reply to them with no problem but cannot initiate a conversation.
      There is almost nothing in his inbox.  Just a couple of prior message threads with 1 or 2 replies and no attachments that I'm aware of.

    • By Greek76
      I must be blind but for the life of me I can't find where the automatically send a welcome message to new registrations. Maybe I can't find it because there's no option? Thanks
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