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disable_functions =pcntl_exec

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I tried everything I could to clear the alert from the back office : pcntl_exec but it doesn't matter

Shared server Ok for configuration test

I put in the .user.imi :     disable_functions =pcntl_exec

I've restarted Apache several times and waited 

But I still have the alert

Can someone help me?  

I'm attaching the file user.ini 

Best regards


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11 minutes ago, James LUCAS said:

Thank you for your response bfarber how important is it to disable pcntl_exec?

Best regards

It's an important security recommendation, as that PHP function can be used to execute arbitrary applications should your site be otherwise compromised. It's part of a multi-layered approach to security.

I'd recommend you do your best to work with your host to disable the function or look to find one that allows you to do so.

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