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403 for guests

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20 hours ago, Jock3r said:


Is there a way to have an application be shown as offline to guests but not throw a 403 error?



I use an additional menu - for guests only, for example "who is online" I use a page with a registration invitation and 5 seconds then this page redirects to Registration.
Offline is not a good solution because it will drive guests away from your site.

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On 4/3/2020 at 1:24 PM, Jock3r said:

Well, the specific error is fine as I see it, the only issue is the 403 error it gives which isn't "right". This makes SEO worse as crawlers see those links as "broken"

This is not true.

If a user does not have permission to access a page, then a 403 response is correct. It would be far worse to send an error message with a 200 response because then you are telling the visitor (spider) "this page is being delivered correctly and here is its content".

Perhaps you can simply not show the links to these pages to guests if you are concerned about them?

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