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Post Before Registering - HUGE MISTAKE

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Hi, bots are invading my site too.

They are able to post before registering, even if this option is completely disabled in the control panel.

Obviously this means that my inbox is full of error return emails.

My question is: Why if the option in ACP is disabled, can bots create "post before registering"?

I tell you how I have solved the problem so far ... I used the plugin and the external antiaspam service "Cleantalk".

For a few dollars they blocked all these weird bot requests.

Everything worked perfectly until a month ago when I upgraded to Ip.Board 4.5.x.

Here the problem arose because the CleanTalk plugin is not yet compatible with this version of Ip.Board

I wrote to cleantalk support and they told me that the plugin is ready and I am in contact with the Ip.Board staff to make it available in the marketplace, which is still not done and I wonder why ....

Thank you all

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