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Pasting one image into Editor attaches twice?

Thomas P

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Hi fellows,

I just noticed when inserting an image from the clipboard via Copy & Paste into the editor it is being attached twice and thus shown twice.

Using the shortcut keys CTRL+V and inserting from clipboard using the context menu (right click > insert) both render the same effect.

This happens when using the default theme, default language and after clearing caches (AdminCP > Support > Something isn't working...)

Anyone had that issue or knows what is going wrong here?





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My results:

- Firefox on Windows 10 and OS X shows the error
- Edge, Chrome on Windows and Safari on OS X don't show this issue

I switched to stock theme, stock language and turned off the plugins and applications - still happens every time for all users.

Couldn't reproduce it on the test forum here as well..

I am really curious where it comes from 😯

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