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Member Registration without using Store.

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I kind of jumped into using the IPS system, so I quickly did the main thing i saw - set up store products for memberships.

I have a 0.00 product for just general free memberships. I rather just register them without putting them through the lengthy store experience.

Question is, can a user register using the IPS system without going through the cart experience. Just want them to get the pop up or a page, asking for registration info.

I in fact have taken all my paid membership products out of the store. So store is of no use to me.

Please advise.

Thank you!


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27 minutes ago, DawPi said:

Yes. 🙂

Thanks I have another question.

Thing is i have a custom registration page, that links to register. I don't want the sign up button to link to register - i want it to link to my registeration page.

Button links to /register/

want SIGN UP to link to /registration/

I tried editing the templates, but could not. Any suggestions.




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